Photo of Matt Downing,

Matt Downing Buyer’s Specialist

We are pleased to have Matthew Downing continuing his work in real estate with the Ida Terbet group. Matthew earned his real estate license in 2004 and met Ida during his very first deal out of school and joined her team shortly thereafter and has happily remained there for the majority of his career to date. Matt and his wife, Dr. Lori Downing, moved to Raleigh in 2001 but Matt considers himself a North Carolina native having lived in both Wilmington and Hendersonville as a child. Matt was raised in his early years in Wilmington and recalls his time along the N.C. coast fondly. His family relocated to Hendersonville, North Carolina while he was in elementary school. His father, Reverend LaRue Downing, worked at Kanuga, an Episcopal conference center in western North Carolina. Matt loves to brag about his first job as the first (and only) boat manager at Kanuga. When an opportunity arose for Matt's father, his family moved to Augusta, Georgia. Matt enjoyed working at and attending the Master's tournament in his last few years of high school and can be found every year around the same time watching the tournament from his living room in Raleigh. After high school, Matt found himself craving new adventures and enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. He was blessed to have been stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii on-board a 378 foot ship. The cutter's mission was to patrol United States fishing interests from Alaska to the western pacific. As a result of living on-board a ship for 2 years, Matt enjoyed extensive nautical and scuba diving adventures. From there, Matt transitioned within the USCG to aviation operations and excelled as a trained aviation electrician and flight mechanic. In addition to mechanical responsibilities, he flew on search and rescue operations and looks back on his time stationed in Miami proudly. Matt is pleased to be with Coldwell Banker HPW. He used Coldwell Banker HPW's connection with USAA and their relocation services to relocate to Raleigh in 2001. He and his wife were pleased and grateful to have worked to find their perfect first home. Matt hopes to work with other service members, through USAA, as they relocate to the triangle area. In his spare time, Matt has cultivated a strong interest in gardening and what he likes to call “agri-tainment.” He volunteers many hours each week at a local animal rescue where he manages the care of the various rescued farm animals including pigs, cows, goats, roosters, and baby chicks. He likes to keep a small vegetable garden to can and pickle seasonal vegetables as they become available. Matthew and his wife and daughter also actively participate in fostering litters of puppies at their home for the same animal rescue. He enjoys nothing more than the time he spends with his daughter and is proud to call himself a "part-time stay at home Dad." The Downings love living in Raleigh and support many local organizations including a local grocery Co-op, Saving Grace NC,  the ASPCA and Wake County Animal Shelter. They happily share their home with two rescue dogs, Edward and Tanner.

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